ECLiPSe 5.10 Release Notes

Version 5.10 (2006-10-01)

ECLiPSe has now been open-sourced under a Mozilla-style Public Licence.

Supported Architectures

This release is available for the following architectures:

Pre-built binaries for Linux/Alpha and PPC/MaxOSX are currently unavailable because we don't have the necessary infrastructure, but can be built from the sources. Versions for Solaris/Intel(32/64) can also be built.


New Libraries

New database interface lib(dbi)
An interface to the MySQL database. This is based on an old ECLiPSe interface to the Oracle database. Support for Oracle and other databases that uses SQL as the query language may be supported in the furture. The interface allows user to send SQL commands and queries to the database, and receive results back from the database. Binaries are provided for Linux and Solaris, as these were the platforms we had MySQL installed on.
Compatibility package lib(swi)
A compatibility library for running SWI-Prolog programs.

Library Enhancements

Eplex with COIN-OR's Open Solver Interface
The Eplex interface to LP/MIP solvers (which in the past supported only CPLEX and XPRESS-MP) has been extended to support solvers via COIN-OR project's Open Solver Interface (OSI). This should allow any solvers supported by OSI to be used with eplex. In the release we include eplex with two combination of COIN-OR's own solvers: CLP (linear solver) with CBC (MIP), and SYMPHONY (MIP) with CLP (linear). The CLP/CBC combination contains specific code that provides extra functionality for that combination, and is recommended for general use.

Other Changes

A small number of components had to be removed because of incompatible licensing situation.

Please download separately from our contributions page.
CPLEX version of lib(eplex)
Binaries are not distributed because they require static linking with libcplex.a. Please compile from source.