Release Notes

Version 5.7 Build #60 (2004-09-22)

Build #60 and later contain the Cardinal set solver (lib(cardinal)), contributed by Francisco Azevedo.

Version 5.7 (2003-12-14)

The highlights in this release are the MacOS X port, new visualisation features, new code analysis tools, and a new version of the ic interval solver.

Platform Support

MacOS X (ppc_macosx)
ECLiPSe has been ported to Apple's MacOS X. TkECLiPSe comes in two flavours, one for the native Aqua and one for the X11 windowing environment.
SunOS 4 (sun4)
Support for SunOS 4 has been withdrawn (sun4)


In addition to the traditional distribution in the form of .tgz files, this release is also available as
Windows installer
download and execute the single file ECLiPSe5.7_??.exe
RPM packages
download the appropriate package from the RPMS subdirectory

Interval Solver lib(ic)

The low-level internals have been rewritten for improved performance. Other modifications are Incompatibilities

LP/MIP solver interface lib(eplex)

Standalone eplex is now the default eplex variant that is loaded with lib(eplex). We intend to phase out the older variants lib(ic_eplex) and lib(range_eplex), so we strongly suggest that all users migrate to use standalone eplex. The performance of standalone eplex has been significantly improved, and should be faster than the older eplex for most applications.

New Libraries

An simple yet powerful interface to the bundled Graphviz graph drawing tools from AT&T.
Two complementary techniques for the profiling of user code with statistics/2 metrics, the first is instrumentation based, while the second is sampling based.
A tool that assists in the determination of the mode/1 directive for predicate definitions.

Other Libraries

New predicates: hash_entry/3, hash_insert_suspension/3, hash_terminate_suspension/1


Development Environment

TkECLiPSe/Development tools:


New features:


Incompatibilities with the previous release are mainly limited to libraries:

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