Release Notes

Version 3.7.1 released 22.3.1998

Version 3.7.0 released 26.2.1998

Windows port
The version runs on Windows-NT/95. It can be used either as a standalone console program, or embedded into C/C++ or VisualBasic applications.
Iteration constructs
The library lib(forall) implements loop constructs which eliminate the need for most auxiliary tail-recursive predicates, while preserving the declarative nature of the language.

Version 3.6.1 released 22.8.1997

Version 3.6.0 released 29.6.1997

IC-Parc Libraries
A set of new libraries developed at IC-Parc are distributed with this release:
Embedding into C/C++
Eclipse can now be embedded into a C/C++ main application. Refer to the new "Embedding and Interfacing" Manual for details.
Increased memory limits
For huge applications, the virtual memory limits on Eclipse's 4 data areas can now be adjusted via the -g, -l and -h options. A memory leak in the waking mechanism has been fixed.
Demons and waking
To improve the efficiency of goals that wake and re-delay frequently, the concept of demon-predicates has been introduced. Decaratively spoken, demons have an implicit recursive call. Procedurally, unlike normal predicates, demons continue to exist as delayed goals even when they have been woken. Refer to the chapter "Advanced Control" in the Extensions Manual.
Message passing primitives
A comprehensive set of message passing primitives is now provided, which facilitates the implementation of distributed applications. The Extensions Manual contains a new chapter describing this.
Finite-Domain library
The deleteff[c]/3 predicates do no longer perturb the original order of the variable list, ie. the remainder-list is identical to the original list except that one element is removed. This property is important when one wants to pre-order the list according to some heuristics.
minimize/min_max: An implementation limit on the nesting of these primitives has been removed. New variants minimize/4,8 and min_max/4,8 have been introduced. They allow only a subset of the goal's variables to be set to their minimized solutions while leaving the others uninstantiated. This is useful also to eliminate problems caused by large unrelated data structures occurring within the Goal-argument.
Defaults changed
Double-precision floating-point numbers are now used by default, ie set_flag(float_precision,double) is assumed.
No longer supported: Saved states, Megalog, Kegi
Saved states are no longer suported. This facility has been sacrificed due to the requirements of more flexible memory management and C/C++ embedding.
Megalog, the knowledge-base component of Eclipse will no longer be supported, but is still included in this release. We recommend to migrate applications to standard databases using an interface such as lib(oci) (Oracle call interface) from IC-Parc.
The Kegi graphics system is no longer distributed with Eclipse.
Documentation updated
Parts of the documentation have been revised. In particular, the HTML online version has better cross-references.

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