Release Notes

Version 5.1.3 (May 12 2001)

This is a bug fix release.

Version 5.1.2

This version was withdrawn because of a bug in the compile(user) functionality in the command line version. Should you have downloaded this version, please upgrade!

Version 5.1.1 (Feb 20 2001)

This is a bug fix release. Problems in the following areas have been fixed (among others):

Version 5.1 (Nov 22 2000)

This release contains several new libraries plus minor improvements and bug fixes. It is otherwise completely compatible with release 5.0.
Interface to the daVinci graph visualization system
The new library daVinci provides an interface to the daVinci graph visualization system. If you want to use this functionality, you need to get daVinci separately from
New finite domain search library
The new library fd_search provides a generic search routine for finite domain problems, including the option of visualising the search tree using the daVinci interface. The supported search strategies are: complete, credit bounded, least discrepancy, backtrack bounded, depth bounded.
New finite domain sets library
The new library fd_sets provides an alternative to the conjunto library if you're working with sets of integers.
New linear relaxation library
The new library eplex_relax provides linear relaxations of constraints for use with the eplex library. Currently it just contains the constraint piecewise_linear_hull/3, which provides a convex hull relaxation version of the piecewise_linear/3 constraint from the ria library.
New graph algorithms library
The new library graph_algorithms defines a data structure for graphs, graph generators, and various algorithms on graphs. Graphs generated with this library can be displayed directly through the daVinci interface.
Xpress-MP R12 student version included
A restricted Student Version of Xpress-MP R12 is packaged with this ECLiPSe release. It allows the use of eplex library for small problems without requiring an additional licence.
Eplex library updates
Quadratic objectives can now be used with Xpress-MP. Support for quadratic objective functions has been added to lp_probe/3.
New emacs mode
An emacs mode for ECLiPSe is now available.
Miscellaneous changes
Bug fixes

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