Release Notes

Version 5.2 (June 14 2001)

This release contains several new libraries, new interfaces including a Java interface, as well as minor improvements and bug fixes. It is compatible with release 5.1 with the small exceptions listed below.


New Library: Interval Constraints (ic)
The new library ic implements arithmetic constraints over the domain of real and integers. It combines (and is intended to eventually replace) the functionality of the fd and ria libraries.
New Library: Probing for scheduling (probing_for_scheduling)
This is a complete search method for resource-constrained scheduling problems. The user interface is similar to the cumulative constraint, but includes a cost function to be minimised.
New Library: Generic source processor (source_processor)
A support library to facilitate the processing of ECLiPSe source code.
New Library: Pretty Printer (pretty_printer)
Converts ECLiPSe source files to coloured and hyperlinked html files.
New Library: Stable variable names (var_name)
User defined names for variables.
lib(eplex) enhancements
lib(document) enhancements
Can be used more easily for standalone projects.

Enbedding and Interfaces

Remote Tcl Interface
Tcl/Tk interface using separate Tcl and ECLiPSe processes. See the new chapter in the Embedding and Interfacing Manual.
New Library: Remote tools attachment
Allows the Tk development tool set to be used with any ECLiPSe session.
Java/ECLiPSe Embedding Interface
Embed your ECLiPSe application into a Java host environment. See the new chapter in the Embedding and Interfacing Manual.

Development Environment

GUI enhancements (TkEclipse)
Command Line Toplevel

Kernel features


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