Release Notes

Version 5.5 (2002-11-21)

The highlights in this version are:

Embedded XPRESS-MP LP/MIP solver from Dash Optimization

Previous releases only included a severely restricted student version of the commercial LP/MIP solver XPRESS-MP. With the kind agreement of Dash Optimization, a full version of XPRESS-MP R13 is now included with ECLiPSe. The academic use of this solver via the ECLiPSe eplex-interface is covered by your standard ECLiPSe license agreement. We hope that this will open up new horizons for research on large-scale real-life problems. Download and install the package if_xpress1326icp.tgz from the distribution.

ECLiPSe Tutorial

The new ECLiPSe tutorial provides an introduction to programming in ECLiPSe. It assumes a broad understanding of constrained optimisation problems, some background in mathematical logic and in programming languages. The tutorial tries to cover most of the basic aspects of using ECLiPSe: underlying concepts, the programming language, library functionality and interaction with the system.

LP/MIP solver interface: lib(eplex)

Interval constraint solver: lib(ic)

Symmetry Breaking During Search library: lib(fd_sbds/ic_sbds)

Other Libraries

Introduced priorities for CHR constraints. Previously, ECH/CHR could have problems when used with other solvers due to differences in the priority at which the CHR rules are executed. (lib(chr) still has this problem).
Various bug fixes.
Added ic_sets, a port of fd_sets to the IC solver.
Added reified in/3 constraint.
Set expressions have been allowed in more contexts.
New graph manipulation predicates:
New shortest path predicates (see overview in reference manual):
Deprecated predicates:
Performance enhancements for shortest path functionality.
New predicates:
Now prints line numbers for the failed tests.
splice/3 now works backwards.
Added missing sub_atom/5 compatibility predicate.
New library: lib(xref)
A development tool for computing cross-reference information.
New library: lib(lint)
A development tool for finding likely programming errors and checking programming conventions.

Development Environment

Kernel features

New built-in predicates: New features: Improved features:


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