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ECLiPSe 7.1 Reference Manual

  1. The ECLiPSe Built-In Predicates
  2. The ECLiPSe Libraries
  3. Third Party Libraries

Built-Ins and Libraries by Categories

Built-In Predicates
allsols| arithmetic| compiler| control| debug| directives| dynamic| engines| env| event| externals| iochar| iostream| ioterm| modules| obsolete| opsys| record| storage| stratom| suspensions| syntax| termcomp| termmanip| typetest|
all_min_cuts| all_min_cuts_eplex| anti_unify| apply| apply_macros| best_first_search| bfs| branch_and_bound| calendar| changeset| colgen| edge_finder| edge_finder3| fd_global_gac| graph_algorithms| ic_global_gac| max_flow| max_flow_eplex| notinstance| numbervars| par_util| regex| suspend| tentative_constraints|
atts| cio| clpfd| conjunto_fd_sets| cprolog| dynamic_attributes| eclipse_6| fcompile| foreign| format| iso| iso_light| iso_strict| mercury| multifile| numbervars| obsolete| prolog_extras| quintus| sepia| sicstus| sockets| swi| threads|
bfs| cardinal| changeset| chr| clpfd| colgen| conjunto| conjunto_fd_sets| constraint_pools| cumulative| cycle| ech| edge_finder| edge_finder3| eplex| eplex_cplex| eplex_glpk| eplex_gurobi| eplex_osi| eplex_osi_clpcbc| eplex_osi_glpk| eplex_osi_symclp| eplex_xpress| fd| fd_global| fd_global_gac| fd_mdd| fd_sbds| fd_search| fd_sets| flatzinc| fzn_eplex| fzn_fd| fzn_ic| gfd| gfd_sbds| gfd_search| grasper| ic| ic_cumulative| ic_edge_finder| ic_edge_finder3| ic_gap_sbdd| ic_gap_sbds| ic_global| ic_global_gac| ic_hybrid_sets| ic_kernel| ic_make_overlap_bivs| ic_mdd| ic_probe| ic_probe_search| ic_probe_support| ic_probing_for_scheduling| ic_sbds| ic_sets| ic_symbolic| ldsb| make_overlap_bivs| minizinc| mip| probe| probe_search| probe_support| probing_for_scheduling| propia| repair| sd| shadow_cons| suspend| sym_expr| tentative| tentative_constraints|
Data Structures
config_opts| constraint_pools| graph_algorithms| hash| heaps| linearize| list_collection| lists| lists_of_structures| listut| m_map| m_tree234| matrix_util| mdd_support| notify_ports| ordset| queues| record| shadow_cons| storage| var_name|
Development Tools
asm| compiler| coverage| cpviz| debug| document| env| fcompile| fd_prop_test_util| ic_prop_test_util| instprofile| instrument| lint| lips| mode_analyser| port_profiler| pretty_print| pretty_printer| profile| remote_tools| source_processor| spell| test_util| time_log| toplevel| vc_support| viewable| vis_structures| visualization| visualize_tree| xref|
cgi| csv| daVinci| dbi| eplex| eplex_cplex| eplex_glpk| eplex_gurobi| eplex_osi| eplex_osi_clpcbc| eplex_osi_glpk| eplex_osi_symclp| eplex_xpress| externals| flatzinc| flatzinc_parser| flatzinc_syntax| foreign| fzn_eplex| fzn_fd| fzn_ic| gap| gnuplot| graphviz| http| http_client| http_server| java_vc| json| minizinc| opsys| tty_vc| xml|
Programming Utilities
apply_macros| concurrency| config_opts| error| fromonto| lambda| lazy_io| lists| matrix_util| module_options| regex| timeout| timeout_simple| util|
chr| concurrency| ech| ic_make_overlap_bivs| ic_probe| ic_probe_search| ic_probe_support| ic_probing_for_scheduling| ldsb| make_overlap_bivs| notify_ports| probe| probe_search| probe_support| probing_for_scheduling| propia| repair| tentative| tentative_constraints|
cpviz| daVinci| gnuplot| graphviz| java_vc| tty_vc| vc_support| viewable| vis_structures| visualization| visualize_tree|
applic| arrays| assoc| bags| between| distfix| flat| graphs| intervals| logarr| map| metutl| occur| order| project| quintus_util| random| rdtok| read| repairfd| struct| tidy| trees|

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