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max_flow(+Graph, +CapacityArg, +SourceNode, +SinkNode, -MaxFlowValue, -MaxFlowEdges, -MaxFlowEdgesGraph)

Ford-Fulkerson maximum flow algorithm
a graph structure, no parallel edges, e(Src,Dest,EdgeData)
which argument of EdgeData to use as edge capacity (integer), (0 if EdgeData is a single number and -1 if every edge capacity is 1)
source node number (integer)
sink node number (integer)
value of the maximum flow
list denoting edges with non-zero flow (form: Flow-Edge)
a graph structure, original nodes (as in Graph) but only the edges that are in max flow


This predicate provides an implementation of the Ford-Fulkerson max-flow algorithm between two nodes in a graph. It returns the maximal achievable flow allowed by the capacities in the network, a list of all edges with non-zero flow, and a graph of the edges with non-zero flow.

Fail Conditions

There is no feasible flow between Source and Sink nodes (they are not connected).

See Also

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