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all_min_cuts_list(+Graph, +CapacityArg, +SourceSinkList, +Limit, -MinCutEdgesList)

Curet et al, algorithm for generating all minimum-cost cuts, to be used for multiple source-sink pairs on the same graph since unnecessary repeat of initializations can be avoided
a graph structure, no parallel edges, e(Src,Dest,EdgeData)
which argument of EdgeData to use as edge capacity (integer), (0 if EdgeData is a single number and -1 if every edge capacity is 1)
list source and sink nodes (integers), form SourceNode-SinkNode
max number of min cuts to output (integer), if 0 then output all possible mincuts
list where for each Source-Sink pair there is list of all minimum cost cutsets, each cutset is represented by a list of edges that separate the source-side and the sink-side of the cut)


This variant of the cutset generator should be used when one is interested in generating cutsets for multiple source-sink pairs in the same graph, as it avoids multiple initialisation of the data structures leading to an overall improved performance.

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