[eclipse-clp-users] Using Eclipse with Visual Studio 2005 or looking for eclipse 5.8

From: Christian Giffhorn <chrgiffhorn_at_...6...>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 14:46:48 +0100
Hello everybody,

i like to integrate some logical planning into an existing Visual
Studio project, but i have trouble to embed eclipse into an MFC
enviroment. The errors happen already before compilation of my code,
which is still very basic on the level of the examples.

Calling eclipseclass.h or mainly the included eclipse_cc.hh, causes
around 100 errors then. I believe since it is optimized for a gcc
compiler, but i was quite sure to read about Visual Studio projects
existing in eclipse before i start to write the prolog code(using a
golog interpreter basing on eclipse).  Maybe someone know a solution
for it?

Another possible solution for me should be downgrading to eclipse 5.8,
since i experience the same failures like in this old report:
Sadly the oldest version i found was 5.10 on the sourceforge page, but
maybe someone still have the 5.8 version.

kind regards and thx in advance
Christian Giffhorn

PS the errors:

at the beginning:

- c:\programme\eclipse 6.0\include\i386_nt\eclipse_cc.h(569) : error
C2065: 'dllimport' : undeclared identifier

a lot of this error message, which is afaik gcc syntax.

- 1>c:\programme\eclipse 6.0\include\i386_nt\eclipse_cc.h(569) : error
C2448: '__attribute__' : function-style initializer appears to be a
function definition

also a bunch of those:

- 1>c:\programme\eclipse 6.0\include\i386_nt\eclipse_cc.h(780) : error
C3861: 'ec_get_string': identifier not found

and finally:

1>c:\programme\eclipse 6.0\include\i386_nt\eclipse_cc.h(780) : fatal
error C1003: error count exceeds 100; stopping compilation
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