Re: [eclipse-clp-users] 'php-eclipseclp' released on Google Code

From: Yngwie <yngwie_at_...164...>
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 18:01:14 +0100
Dear Joachim,
I'm glad hear that you enjoyed my contribute and that you are thinking 
to merge it into the official source tree.
I'm not planning major work on that code in the immediate future, but I 
would like to implement some features to make this prototype a full RPC 
stack (e.g. exception handling, service description, etc.).
A major area I wish to work on is on the ECLiPSe side, to improve 
robustness and scalability of the "logic service".
As you could have seen, now I'm using a prototypal form of an "accept 
loop" to listen to connections. Obviously this is far from being a 
scalable approach.
Actually, I have no idea on how I can provide a sort of a multithreaded 
socket server in ECLiPSe.
Can you help me with this task?

Thank you for the interest and support!


On 14/02/2012 13:59, Joachim Schimpf wrote:
> Dear Andrea,
> Thank you very much for this contribution!  Sorry for the late
> reaction - I somehow overlooked your announcement back in November...
> I've looked through the code, and added a link to it on
> It looks good!  I wonder whether to include it into the ECLiPSe
> source tree.  If you do not plan major work on it in the future,
> then this may be the best way too keep it up-to-date with new
> ECLiPSe releases.
> Again, many thanks!
> -- Joachim
> Andrea Montemaggio wrote:
>>    Dear all,
>> I'm glad to tell you all that I've released under BSD license my
>> implementation of a communication layer between PHP and ECliPSe-CLP (aka
>> php-eclipseclp).
>> Even if this implementation goes back some time ago, only recently I had
>> some time to document it and share it.
>> I've created a project on Google Code
>> ( so you can download it and
>> browse the source code, in the hope this might be useful for someone.
>> All comments, suggestions and proposals are obviously welcome.
>> Cheers,
>> Andrea Montemaggio.
>> -- 
>> Andrea Montemaggio
>> [indipendent IT consultant]
>> P.zza dei Consoli, 11
>> 00175 Roma (RM), IT
>> c.f. MNTNDR83L30H501C
>> p.i. IT 10518611008
>> tel. +39 328 2783970
>> fax. +39 06 86704570
>> a.montemaggio@...164...<mailto:a.montemaggio@...164...>
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