Re: [eclipse-clp-users] Error in the code of my Problem

From: Meriem Djefel <Meriem.DJEFEL_at_...178...>
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 16:31:48 +0200
Thanks for your answer.

My program goal is to  find the different possibles configuration of an
aircraft (just some components)
I had correct the problem with the domain of moteurs but I still have
the same error,
I did'nt understand the difference between (->) and ( *->) : I tray to
add a constraint when the condition were verified.

Le 22/03/2010 18:53, Kish Shen a écrit :
>  Sorry for the delay in replying -- I have been a little busy...
>  Meriem Djefel wrote:
>>>  In your message, you do not give any details of how to run your
>>>  program, or what the errors are. I don't think you should just ask
>>>  the users in the mailing to fix your problem, without even
>>>  describing it or how to run your program. Therefore,  can you please
>>>  send a new message with more description of your problem.
>>  *I run my programm with :*
>>  avionTourismeSol(Sol)*when I want to have all the solution of the
>>  problem or with
>>  *avionTourisme(CS, FR, EN,SN, ST)*when I just want to have a solution*.
>  You still did not say what your problem is. When I run your program as
>  you suggest, I get an error message about arguments having different
>  domains for the constraint:
>  V&= deux_Mot_LP
>  This is because deux_Mot_LP is *not* one of the symbolic domains you
>  defined for moteur.
>  This should be quite easy to see from the error message. Is this your
>  problem, or are you thinking of something else?
>>>  Several points about your program: you are using the soft-cut (*->),
>>>  This is a very dangerous thing to use, and so should be avoided,
>>>  especially if you do not know absolutely what you are doing.
>>>  Secondly, why are you using $ family of constraints?  ($= etc.),
>>>  these are for continous ranges (real values), but you seem to be
>>>  working with integer values only (i.e. finite domain), even when you
>>>  specify real values, they are integral.
>>  *I use (* ->) to add a new constraint to the problem when a condition
>>  where checked **, I want to simulate a DCSP , I don't think that
>>  adding variables is possible but I want to add constraints*.
>>  *For using ($ =etc.) , I thinck you are right in this example I am
>>  using only finite domain. *
>  I still don't understand why you are using *->  instead of ->: you
>  almost never want to backtrack into the condition. I assume you know
>  that if-then-else (Cond ->  Then ; Else) (the same applies to *->) does
>  not behave in a constraint like manner?
>  Cheers,
>  Kish

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