Re: [eclipse-clp-users] Error in the code of my Problem

From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 17:53:33 +0000
Sorry for the delay in replying -- I have been a little busy...

Meriem Djefel wrote:

>> In your message, you do not give any details of how to run your 
>> program, or what the errors are. I don't think you should just ask the 
>> users in the mailing to fix your problem, without even describing it 
>> or how to run your program. Therefore,  can you please send a new 
>> message with more description of your problem.
> *I run my programm with :*
> avionTourismeSol(Sol)*when I want to have all the solution of the 
> problem or with
> *avionTourisme(CS, FR, EN,SN, ST)*when I just want to have a solution*.

You still did not say what your problem is. When I run your program as 
you suggest, I get an error message about arguments having different 
domains for the constraint:

V &= deux_Mot_LP

This is because deux_Mot_LP is *not* one of the symbolic domains you 
defined for moteur.

This should be quite easy to see from the error message. Is this your 
problem, or are you thinking of something else?

>> Several points about your program: you are using the soft-cut (*->), 
>> This is a very dangerous thing to use, and so should be avoided, 
>> especially if you do not know absolutely what you are doing. Secondly, 
>> why are you using $ family of constraints?  ($= etc.), these are for 
>> continous ranges (real values), but you seem to be working with 
>> integer values only (i.e. finite domain), even when you specify real 
>> values, they are integral.
> *I use (* ->) to add a new constraint to the problem when a condition 
> where checked **, I want to simulate a DCSP , I don't think that adding 
> variables is possible but I want to add constraints*.
> *For using ($ =etc.) , I thinck you are right in this example I am using 
> only finite domain. *

I still don't understand why you are using *-> instead of ->: you almost 
never want to backtrack into the condition. I assume you know that 
if-then-else (Cond -> Then ; Else) (the same applies to *->) does not 
behave in a constraint like manner?



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