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Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 22:55:13 +0100
Hi Malcolm,

I don't think there is any easy way to debug constraints. The delayed 
goals that implements the propagation of the constraints do not 
necessarily map easily to the constraints. You can trace the execution 
of these delayed goals using the tracer, and sometimes you may be able 
to tell what the `source' constraint for it was.
In TkECLiPSe, you can also see in the delayed goals tool which delayed 
goals have been woken, and are awaiting execution (they are shown in 
green). [you may need to load the .ecl source files rather than the 
compiled .eco files to do this tracing  if you need to trace the library 

However, this whole process is rather complex, and tracing it at the 
level of which goal is executing is probably too fine grained in many case.



Malcolm Ryan wrote:
> I'm having trouble debugging a constraint system. It would be really  
> nice to know which constraints are firing in what order, and where  
> they came from. Is there any way to label constraints and display  
> those labels as the constraints fire? That could make things a lot  
> easier to trace. As it stands, the visualisation tools are only  
> telling me half the story. I know how the variables are being  
> constrained, but not why.
> Malcolm
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