Fatal error

From: Jesper Hansen <jesperh_at_skydebanen.net>
Date: Wed 02 Oct 2002 02:38:29 PM GMT
Message-ID: <3D9B04E5.60EF2322@skydebanen.net>
Hi Eclipse team

I have a little program that at some stage halts. When I then try to
abort it, I get the following:

interruption: type a, b, c, e, or h for help : ? abort
Aborting execution ...
Segmentation violation - possible reasons are:
- a faulty external C function
- certain operations on circular terms
- machine stack overflow
- an internal error in ECLiPSe
Aborting execution....

*** ECLiPSe fatal error: reset/0 called
ECLiPSe Constraint Logic Programming System [kernel]
Copyright Imperial College London and ICL
Certain libraries copyright Parc Technologies Ltd
GMP library copyright Free Software Foundation
Version 5.5 #26, Wed Aug 28 00:13 2002
[eclipse 1]:

Any ideas what the problem might be? I'm using the Summer School version
of ECLiPSe.


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