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From: Andrew John Sadler <>
Date: Wed 02 Oct 2002 03:01:12 PM GMT
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   From: Jesper Hansen <>
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   Hi Eclipse team

   I have a little program that at some stage halts. When I then try to
   abort it, I get the following:

   interruption: type a, b, c, e, or h for help : ? abort
   Aborting execution ...
   Segmentation violation - possible reasons are:
   - a faulty external C function
   - certain operations on circular terms
   - machine stack overflow
   - an internal error in ECLiPSe
   Aborting execution....

   *** ECLiPSe fatal error: reset/0 called
   ECLiPSe Constraint Logic Programming System [kernel]
   Copyright Imperial College London and ICL
   Certain libraries copyright Parc Technologies Ltd
   GMP library copyright Free Software Foundation
   Version 5.5 #26, Wed Aug 28 00:13 2002
   [eclipse 1]:

   Any ideas what the problem might be? I'm using the Summer School version
   of ECLiPSe.

Are you using the cumulative constraint by any chance?  If so that
could be the problem.  A bug was found that could cause such problems.

The problem has been fixed in the main branch which you should be able
to get by downloading the 'dev' directory from the web-site.

If you're not using cumulative could you give us a few more details of
what causes the problem.

Andrew Sadler
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