Re: java multi-connections!

From: Jinyi <>
Date: Fri 31 May 2002 08:21:06 AM GMT
Message-ID: <001e01c2087c$1d6265f0$aadd1e8d@kingy>
Hi Kish,

> I am not sure I understand what exactly you need.

  What I want is each Java Applet has its own INDEPENDENT Eclipse.

> Each remote_connect/3 can only connect a single Java process, and while
> the ECLiPSe is blocking on waiting for a connection, it will not be able
> do anything else.

  Does it mean that we even cannot invoke rpc from Java side, while Eclipse

> In fact, with this method where you have a Java server that forward
> requests to ECLiPSe, you can just as well use the Remote ECLiPSe (or
> the embedded ECLiPSe)

  If we use RemoteEclipse, acctually, all the Java Applects are connected to
  single Eclipse and they share the logical database, am I right?

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