Re: java multi-connections!

From: Kish Shen <>
Date: Fri 31 May 2002 02:48:19 PM GMT
Message-Id: <>
>  If we use RemoteEclipse, acctually, all the Java Applects are connected to
>  a single Eclipse and they share the logical database, am I right?

If you use the same ECLiPSe process to connect to the Java Applets, then yes,
there would be a single ECLiPSe. If you start up individual ECLiPSes for each
Java applet, then you will have different ECLiPSes (this sounds like what
you want).

>  What I want is each Java Applet has its own INDEPENDENT Eclipse.

There is then no issue of multiconnections. If you want to use remote ECLiPSe,
then just start a new ECLiPSe process for each Java Applet. If you use
out of process ECLiPSe (that is actually just a version of remote ECLiPSe), 
then a new ECLiPSe is automatically started.

>  Does it mean that we even cannot invoke rpc from Java side, while Eclipse
>  is blocking?

If you are talking about the same ECLiPSe, then while it is blocking, waiting
for a remote connection, you cannot invoke a rpc to it from an already
connected Java program. For seperate ECLiPSes, then this is not an issue.

I think if you want to understand how the interface in more detail, you might
want to read our paper on it, which gives a high-level overview of the

A High-Level Generic Interface to External Programming Languages for ECLiPSe

It is available from our website:

Hopefully it explains things a bit better than the manuals!


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