Re: java multi-connections!

From: Kish Shen <>
Date: Wed 29 May 2002 08:14:48 PM GMT
Message-Id: <>
Dear Yi Jin,

Is it possible for you to send your mail in plain text, rather than encoded
in base64? It is easier for me to read the plain text mail.

>         1. A way doesn't work: 

I am not sure I understand what exactly you need. Using remote_connect/3,
you can make as many connections as you like to Java processes. Once one
connection is made to one Java process, and control returned to ECLiPSe,
you can call remote_connect/3 again and connect another Java process.

Each remote_connect/3 can only connect a single Java process, and while
the ECLiPSe is blocking on waiting for a connection, it will not be able to
do anything else.

>         2. A way to step around the restriction:

In this second method, how many OutOfProcessEclipse are you starting? 
Note that each OutOfProcessEclipse you start is a different ECLiPSe.
In fact, with this method where you have a Java server that forward
requests to ECLiPSe, you can just as well use the Remote ECLiPSe (or indeed
the embedded ECLiPSe)

>Afterwards, calling OutOfProcessEclipse's method rpc("assert(p3)"), the 
>assert itself succeeds, but when I continue to
>call rpc(p(3)), a com.practechnologies.eclipse.Fail was thrown, any HINTS?

I assume you actually called assert(p(3)) rather than assert(p3)? 

If you did call assert(p(3)), and the call to p(3) is done in the same
OutOfProcessEclipse, then I don't see why a failure should occur. 

If you did assert(p3), then the failure is what you would expect.


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