Higher Order Logic in Eclipse

From: Aykut Firat <aykut_at_MIT.EDU>
Date: Wed 03 Apr 2002 07:41:30 AM GMT
Message-Id: <>

XSB has a HiLog extension which is described as:

"..a type of higher-order programming in which predicate symbols can be 
variable or structured. This allows unification to be performed on the 
predicate symbols themselves in addition to the arguments of the predicates.
XSB's HiLog implementation:
       Includes compiled HiLog. Higher-order predicates execute at 
essentially the same speed as compiled first-order predicates.
       Includes a fully integrated HiLog preprocessor. HiLog terms can be 
used anywhere in XSB, including the interpreter level.
Provides a number of meta-logical standard predicates for HiLog terms."

Is there a similar extension for Eclipse? Or is there any other way around 
in Eclipse if I want to have variable predicate symbols?

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