Re: Higher Order Logic in Eclipse

From: Alexander Pretschner <>
Date: Wed 12 Jun 2002 04:56:05 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
I guess there's no HO in Eclipse. If you absolutely need it, you might 
want to have a look at DHD Warren's crunch on the subject: D.H.D Warren, 
"Higher order extensions to PROLOG: are they needed?" (Machine 
Intelligence 10:441-454, 1982).
The idea is to use ordinary FO (Horn) logics and explicitly encode 
closures. This clearly is independent of your Prolog implementation and 
thus independent of Eclipse.


> Hi,
> XSB has a HiLog extension which is described as:
> "..a type of higher-order programming in which predicate symbols can be 
> variable or structured. This allows unification to be performed on the 
> predicate symbols themselves in addition to the arguments of the predicates.
> XSB's HiLog implementation:
>        Includes compiled HiLog. Higher-order predicates execute at 
> essentially the same speed as compiled first-order predicates.
>        Includes a fully integrated HiLog preprocessor. HiLog terms can be 
> used anywhere in XSB, including the interpreter level.
> Provides a number of meta-logical standard predicates for HiLog terms."
> Is there a similar extension for Eclipse? Or is there any other way around 
> in Eclipse if I want to have variable predicate symbols?
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