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Building ECLiPSe for Windows using mingw

Problems with Coin 2.7

  • configure with --enable-doscompile=mingw (not sure whether it is important)
  • Under cygwin, configure creates lots of calls to cygpath -w. These are all wrong since the cygwin/mingw tools want Unix path names. I redefined cygpath (by putting a shell script into the PATH) so that it just echoes the last argument.
  • CoinUtils/CoinTypes.h is missing include for inttypes.h, which is needed for the declaration of int64_t
  • Also Cbc/CbcClique.cpp needs include inttypes.h for the same reason

CYGPATH_W macro seems set by autoconf itself (to cygpath -w it it exists, otherwise echo). Change back to echo in coin.m4 also for cygwin-builds!?

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Page last modified on July 03, 2012, at 10:39 PM