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Git branching model for ECLiPSe


 	this is where development of the next version x.z happens.

 	this is where fixes are committed to after x.y was released.

 	commits to these branches are done exclusively from the
	build&test mechanism: it merges the changes from the corresponding
	development branch (master or patches_x_y) and commits these
	together with a build number when they integrate successfully.

----<dev v1>---[rel v1]----<dev v2>----[rel v2]----<dev v3>------ master
  \          \    \      \           \    \      \          \
 <bld>------<bld>--\----<bld>-------<bld>--\----<bld>------<bld>- builds_master
                  \ \                     \ \
                   \ \                     \ \
                    \ \                     \ \------<fix>------- patches_v2
                     \ \                     \   \           \      
                      \ \                     \-<bld>-------<bld> builds_v2
                       \ \
                        \ \
                         \ \-----<fix>--------<fix>-------<fix>--- patches_v1
                          \   \           \           \           
                           \-<bld>-------<bld>-------<bld>-------- builds_v1

What has to be done at a build:

1. checkout builds_x_y (or builds_master)
2. merge patches_x_y (or master)

What has to be done at a release x.y point:

1. create a new branch patches_x_y (from last master commit)
2. on master, increment version number from x.y to x.z
3. commit master
4. create a new branch builds_x_z (from that master commit)

The build number in master and patches_x_y branches always remains 0:
Whereas in the builds_x_y branches:
	sepia_stage("beta" or "").

initial setup:
	git checkout master
	<set version>
	<set buildno=0, stage=devel>
	git commit -a -m "Init version&buildno"
	git branch builds_master

	# Mark as 'beta' in builds_master
	git checkout builds_master
	<set stage=beta, keep buildno>
	git commit -m "Mark as beta-release" <version_file>

	# Do a build (how to force?). If successful:

	# create the version-specific branches
	git branch patches_vi master
	git branch builds_vi builds_master

	# Update version number on the master branch
	git checkout master
	<increment version>
	git commit -a -m "New version"

	# Reset build number for master branch builds
	git checkout builds_master
	<set buildno=0, stage=development>
	git commit -m "Reinit buildno" <version_file>

	git checkout patches_vi
	git commit -a -m "Fix bug"

	git checkout builds_{master|vi}
	git merge --no-commit {master|patches_vi}
	<increment buildno>
	git add <version_file>
	<build and test>
	git commit --untracked-files=no -m "Build #"

merge patches into master:

Make sure patch branch has been pushed to central repository.
Go to a clean master-workdir.
Get the up-to-date patch branch from the central repository:
    git fetch
Merge it into master
    git merge --no-commit origin/patches_7_0
Resolve conflicts.
Check that version numbers (various files) are not affected.
Check that isn't changed.
Check files that had no conflict, but were modified in both branches.
Call autoconf to re-make configure from
Re-make Kernel/lib/*.eco bootfiles using make new_bootfiles, and
check whether the result is similar to the merged versions (to be safe,
use the newly created eco files rather than the merged ones).
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Page last modified on August 04, 2021, at 06:09 PM