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plot(++Data, +Options, +OutputFile)

Plots the given data to a file.
The data to be plotted, array or list.
Options list
Name of file to store plot in (atom or string)


Plots the data to a file as Postscript (by default).

Can either be a list or a nested list of a 1D or 2D array of y values or x-y points.

The output format can be changed either by explicitly setting the 'terminal' variable using the 'set' option, or by calling plot/4.

Syntax note: wherever gnuplot expects a string as an option value, use a double-quoted ECLiPSe string - unquoted or single-quoted atoms will not work!.

Fail Conditions

Options are malformed, or data is not in a valid format.




% multiple t-r pairs, in polar coordinates with a grid and lines, into
% a postscript file
?- A=[[1-3,5-2,9-2,8-2,5-7], [1-2,5-4,8-6,9-1,12-4]],
   plot(A,[set:[polar, grid=polar], with:lines], "polar.ps").

See Also

plot / 1, plot / 2, plot / 4