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Optimise the problem associated with BfsInstance.
The optimal solution cost of the problem associated with BfsInstance


A solver setup with solver_setup/2 or solver_setup/3 is triggered using this predicate.

The node relaxation and separation solvers are applied to the next selected node of the problem represented by Handle repeatedly until no more open nodes remain. The criteria for node selection order depends on the options given to solver_setup/2,3. solve/1 fails if there is no solution or succeeds if an optimal solution is found, returning the solution's cost in Cost. After a success, various solution information and statistics can be retrieved using get/2, var_get/3 and statistics/0.

Fail Conditions

No solution exists satisfying the global feasibility conditions.

See Also

solver_setup / 2, solver_setup / 3, get / 2, var_get / 3, statistics / 0