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Kill the suspended goal represented by Susp, i.e. treat it as if it had been woken.
A suspension or variable.


The suspended goal represented by Susp is killed, and the suspension is marked as now representing a woken goal. If the suspension was already marked as woken, kill_suspension/1 just succeeds. If called with a variable, it succeeds as well which is useful when writing demon predicates that might not have a suspension the first time they are invoked.

Note that a suspension is not a standard Prolog data structure and can only be manipulated in a restricted way.

Modes and Determinism


(5) type error
Susp is not a suspension.


[eclipse 1]: suspend(writeln(hello), 3, X->inst, Susp),
	X=1.	% wakes

Susp = 'SUSP-_299-dead'
X = 1
Yes (0.00s cpu)

[eclipse 2]: suspend(writeln(hello), 3, X->inst, Susp),
	X=1.	% no effect

Susp = 'SUSP-_308-dead'
X = 1
Yes (0.00s cpu)

See Also

demon / 1, make_suspension / 3, get_suspension_data / 3, attach_suspensions / 2, insert_suspension / 3, insert_suspension / 4