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insert_suspension(?Term, +Susp, +Index, +Module)

Insert the suspension Susp into the Index'th suspension list of the attribute Module for all attributed variables that occur in Term.
Any Prolog term.
A suspension.
An integer.
An atom.


This predicate is used to insert a suspension into a suspension list in an attribute of one or more attributed variables. Since Prolog does not allow to insert new elements into a list in constant time, ECLiPSe provides this predicate. It finds all attributed variables occurring in the term Term and for each of them, it locates the attribute with the name Module. This attribute must be a structure, otherwise an error is raised, which means that the attribute has to be initialised before calling insert_suspension/3. The Index'th argument of the attribute structure is interpreted as a suspension list and the suspension Susp is inserted at the beginning of this list.

Modes and Determinism


(4) instantiation fault
Susp or Index is not instantiated.
(5) type error
Susp is not a suspension.
(5) type error
Index is not an integer.
(6) out of range
The attribute of a variable in Term is a structure whose arity is less than Index.
(270) undefined variable attribute
The current module has no declared variable attribute.
(271) bad format of the variable attribute
The attribute of a variable in Term is uninstantiated or it is not a structure.
(271) bad format of the variable attribute
The suspension list in the attribute of a variable in Term is neither a list nor a free variable, or it contains an element which is not a suspension.


[eclipse 1]: meta_attribute(myatt,[]).
Yes (0.01s cpu)

[eclipse 2]: Att = att(_, hello), init_suspension_list(1, Att),
        add_attribute(X, Att, myatt), make_suspension(true, 1, S),
	insert_suspension(X, S, 1, myatt).

Att = att(['SUSP-_309-susp'], hello)
X = X
S = 'SUSP-_309-susp'

Delayed goals:
Yes (0.00s cpu)

See Also

insert_suspension / 3, make_suspension / 3, meta_attribute / 2, enter_suspension_list / 3