Re: [eclipse-clp-users] Where to find documentation for Tracer Filter usage?

From: Joachim Schimpf <joachim.schimpf_at_...44...>
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2010 18:10:39 +1100
-dp- wrote:
> I'm looking for a way to set a breakpoint using TkEclipse. It seems that
> the Tracer Filter dialog is the intended way to do that,

Let me first say that there are two _simple_ kinds of "breakpoints":

* Spy points: they are set on a particular predicate name, and you will
  see all ports involving this predicate.  They can be set in many ways:
   1. the spy/1 predicate
   2. via the predicate browser window
   3. via the right-click context menu in the tracer's call stack window

* Source line breakpoints: you set/unset them by clicking on the # sign
  on the right hand side of the tracer's Source Context window.

Only for more complicated conjunctive conditions do you need the
Filter functionality.

> but the only
> documentation I've been able to find for the Tracer Filter is this
> annotated screencap:
> It's not enough to tell me how to define a spec that will cause
> execution to pause whenever the Goal Template is matched (I don't need
> an additional Condition).

You can find details under the Tracer window's Help menu.
I agree that this should ideally be in the manual as well.

> No matter what I try in the Condition box, the
> Go button remains disabled (see attached screencap).

The GO-button is only enabled when you are currently tracing a goal.
(it's not related to the filling of the filter-dialogue).

-- Joachim
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