[eclipse-clp-users] Where to find documentation for Tracer Filter usage?

From: -dp- <david_at_...151...>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 13:15:08 +0800
I'm looking for a way to set a breakpoint using TkEclipse. It seems that the
Tracer Filter dialog is the intended way to do that, but the only
documentation I've been able to find for the Tracer Filter is this annotated

It's not enough to tell me how to define a spec that will cause execution to
pause whenever the Goal Template is matched (I don't need an additional
Condition). No matter what I try in the Condition box, the Go button remains
disabled (see attached screencap).


(image/png attachment: GoDisabledInTracerFilterForUnknownReason.png)

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