Re: [eclipse-clp-users] several instances of ECLiPSe on Windows?

From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 21:16:34 +0100
Hi Ulrich,

Ulrich Scholz wrote:
> Dear all,
> can I install different instances of ECLiPSe on the same Windows machine?  
> The readme for Windows states the manual installation requires to create a
> registration key.   If the different instances are of different versions,
> should I create a key for each version?
I assume by `registration key' you mean registry entries. Registry 
entries are mentioned in the README_WIN.TXT file. This actually should 
be updated, because you can run ecl_inst.js, a JavsScript that will set 
the registry entry for you (so that you don't need to run regedit as 
described yourself).

The registry entries are Window's way of specifying information for an 
application, and they are generally used in place of environment 
variables (which is what Un*x uses). One difference is that they are 
global, either to a user, or to the machine. This is a problem if you 
want to install multiple instances of any application that uses registry 

Standalone ECLiPSe uses registry entries to store the ECLiPSe directory,
and the Java directory. These are version specific, so you can have 
different versions of ECLiPSe installed on the same machine, as Wit 
said. However the same version of ECLiPSe (even if they have different 
build numbers) uses the same registry entries, and if you want to 
install multiple versions of standalone ECLiPSe on the same machine, 
this will be tricky.

However, from your last post, I assume you actually want to have 
multiple instances of embedded ECLiPSe, that you bundle with your Java 
application? The ECLiPSe directory for an embedded ECLiPSe can be 
specified as an option when you start embedded ECLiPSe, and the way to 
do this from Java is described in the embedding and interfacing manual's 
`Configuring an EclipseEngineOptions onject' section:

You probably also want to use the eclipse_rt package rather than the 
eclipse_basic package with your distribution -- assuming you don't 
want/need a runtime environment where ECLiPSe is deployed. I assume this 
should also address the issue in your previous post as well: you can 
include ECLiPSe in a subdirectory of your Java application (I assume 
Java allows this in the Java bundle you mentioned?), and you can set the 
ECLiPSe directory option when you start the embedded ECLiPSe from within 
your application. This should be independent of the OS you are using.



> Can I install different instances of the same version under Windows?
> Thanks,
> Ulrich

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