Re: [eclipse-clp-users] several instances of ECLiPSe on Windows?

From: Ulrich Scholz <Ulrich.Scholz_at_...10...>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 12:24:36 +0200
Hi Kish, thanks for your answer.

Yes, I was thinking of using embedded ECLiPSe and eclipse_rt.  The reason I
asked for multiple instances of ECLiPSe is that developing under ECLiPSe and
trying to find out how to deploy it as bundle requires two instances of
ECLiPSe on my machine.  I use them independently but not in parallel.
Nevertheless, I want to set up both from the start and don't have to change
registry keys all the time.

Regarding the deployment issues, I reply to my other posting.

Best regards,


On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 09:16:34PM +0100, Kish Shen wrote:
> Hi Ulrich,
> Ulrich Scholz wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> can I install different instances of ECLiPSe on the same Windows 
>> machine?  
>> The readme for Windows states the manual installation requires to create a
>> registration key.   If the different instances are of different versions,
>> should I create a key for each version?
> I assume by `registration key' you mean registry entries. Registry  
> entries are mentioned in the README_WIN.TXT file. This actually should  
> be updated, because you can run ecl_inst.js, a JavsScript that will set  
> the registry entry for you (so that you don't need to run regedit as  
> described yourself).
> The registry entries are Window's way of specifying information for an  
> application, and they are generally used in place of environment  
> variables (which is what Un*x uses). One difference is that they are  
> global, either to a user, or to the machine. This is a problem if you  
> want to install multiple instances of any application that uses registry  
> entries.
> Standalone ECLiPSe uses registry entries to store the ECLiPSe directory,
> and the Java directory. These are version specific, so you can have  
> different versions of ECLiPSe installed on the same machine, as Wit  
> said. However the same version of ECLiPSe (even if they have different  
> build numbers) uses the same registry entries, and if you want to  
> install multiple versions of standalone ECLiPSe on the same machine,  
> this will be tricky.
> However, from your last post, I assume you actually want to have  
> multiple instances of embedded ECLiPSe, that you bundle with your Java  
> application? The ECLiPSe directory for an embedded ECLiPSe can be  
> specified as an option when you start embedded ECLiPSe, and the way to  
> do this from Java is described in the embedding and interfacing manual's  
> `Configuring an EclipseEngineOptions onject' section:
> You probably also want to use the eclipse_rt package rather than the  
> eclipse_basic package with your distribution -- assuming you don't  
> want/need a runtime environment where ECLiPSe is deployed. I assume this  
> should also address the issue in your previous post as well: you can  
> include ECLiPSe in a subdirectory of your Java application (I assume  
> Java allows this in the Java bundle you mentioned?), and you can set the  
> ECLiPSe directory option when you start the embedded ECLiPSe from within  
> your application. This should be independent of the OS you are using.
> Cheers,
> Kish

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