Re: [eclipse-clp-users] Install on Ganymede SR1 win32 fails

From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 05:44:09 +0000
David Pautler wrote:
> I downloaded and unpacked to my "eclipse ganymede SR1 
> win32" folder. But when I start the Ganymede IDE and go to Help | 
> Software Updates, neither "saros" nor "eclipse clp" appear under either 
> the Installed or Available tabs.
> Looking in the directories, these appear under "plugins":
> org.eclipseclp.saros.core_1.0.0.jar 
> org.eclipseclp.saros.development_1.0.0.jar 
> org.eclipseclp.saros.documentation_1.0.0.jar 
> org.eclipseclp.saros.eclipse_5.10.82.jar 
> org.eclipseclp.saros.runtime_1.0.0.jar
> And this appears under "features":
> org.eclipseclp.saros_1.0.0.jar
> This last one appears strange, because it's the only jar under 
> "features" seems it should be a manifest file instead. But these 
> placements correspond to the folder structure in the zip.
> Kish Shen replied:
>>  Did you look at the notes available with the Saros download?
>>  There is some description on how to use Saros.
>>  After you unpacked Saros into your eclipse, start it, go to
>>  Windows->Preferences... (Windows should be in your menu bar),
>>  and Saros should be one of the available item in the list on
>>  the left-hand side of the Preferences popup.
>>  I don't know if this Ganymede makes any differences, but
>>  I suspect eclipse would not have made such a drastic change to
>>  its structure that Saros would install incorrectly.
> There is nothing in except the jars listed 
> docs. I've been trying to follow
> <> 
The lack of documentation is a known issue with Saros. It also needs 
some more development work. One problem is that the original developer 
of Saros is currently unavailable to work on it. Cisco (the owner of 
ECLiPSe) is currently funding a project to further develop Saros and 
provide tutorial materials to use it. Hopefully the first results of 
this will become available in several months' time.

> Saros does appear under Windows | Preferences, but it does not appear 
> under Help | Software Updates. But perhaps I shouldn't worry about 
> updates yet. Saros does appear under File | New | Project, so the 
> subject line of this post may be inaccurate...but can't be sure yet.
I don't use eclipse (the IDE) much myself, so I don't know what a 
standard plug-in should appear in, but it looks like Saros is installed 
correctly in your system. It does seem to me that it is difficult to 
find Saros once it is installed, which is why the release notes talks 
about how to find it.

> Regarding the Saros instructions at the link above, they require 
> selecting an ECLiPSe engine. Where can I find guidance about which 
> engine is best for me, and where to find it in my ECLiPSe install dir?  
> I have looked here:

Saros works with ECLiPSe 5.10 and 6.0. There is no `best' engine to use 
with it, it really depends on which ECLiPSe you want. ECLiPSe 6.0 is the 
latest release, and we generally recommend that people use the latest 
version. Saros also provide some support for the source tracing facility 
in ECLiPSe 6.0, but not the full facility (for example, there is no GUI 
support for break-points).



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