[eclipse-clp-users] Install on Ganymede SR1 win32 fails

From: David Pautler <david_at_...151...>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 11:06:00 +0800
I downloaded Saros-1.00.zip and unpacked to my "eclipse ganymede SR1 
win32" folder. But when I start the Ganymede IDE and go to Help | 
Software Updates, neither "saros" nor "eclipse clp" appear under either 
the Installed or Available tabs. 
Looking in the directories, these appear under "plugins": 
And this appears under "features": 
This last one appears strange, because it's the only jar under 
"features"...it seems it should be a manifest file instead. But these 
placements correspond to the folder structure in the zip.

Kish Shen replied:
>  Did you look at the notes available with the Saros download?
>  There is some description on how to use Saros. 
>  After you unpacked Saros into your eclipse, start it, go to
>  Windows->Preferences... (Windows should be in your menu bar),
>  and Saros should be one of the available item in the list on
>  the left-hand side of the Preferences popup. 
>  I don't know if this Ganymede makes any differences, but
>  I suspect eclipse would not have made such a drastic change to
>  its structure that Saros would install incorrectly.

There is nothing in Saros-1.00.zip except the jars listed above...no 
docs. I've been trying to follow


Saros does appear under Windows | Preferences, but it does not appear 
under Help | Software Updates. But perhaps I shouldn't worry about 
updates yet. Saros does appear under File | New | Project, so the 
subject line of this post may be inaccurate...but can't be sure yet.

Regarding the Saros instructions at the link above, they require 
selecting an ECLiPSe engine. Where can I find guidance about which 
engine is best for me, and where to find it in my ECLiPSe install dir?  
I have looked here:

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