[eclipse-clp-users] Saros: syntax coloring? warning about tracer_tcl?

From: David Pautler <david_at_...151...>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 11:22:27 +0800
I think I've installed Saros in Eclipse/Ganymede correctly, but there 
were some surprises...

A) I expected syntax coloring in my .ecl file, but the only highlighting 
is some indicators that some words are misspelled.

    To get to this point, I did this:
    1) Installed Eclipse/Ganymede, ECLiPSe CLP 6, and Saros 1.0
    2) In Ganymede, File | New | Other... | Saros | Saros Project  
...named project "FOO", not using existing source
    3) In Ganymede while FOO is selected in Package view, File | New | 
Other... | Saros | Saros ECLiPSe Module.
        Entered module name "Scratch".
    4) In Ganymede viewing Scratch.ecl, added ":- 
dynamic(downgraded/2)." after ":- module(Scratch)."

     "downgraded" is indicated as misspelled, and neither "module" nor 
"dynamic" is colored as a predicate.
     Does Saros do syntax highlighting?

B) Once I save the file, the compiler shows a warning, "module 
'tracer_tcl' does not exist, loading library..."

    I opted to take the bundled tcl/tk during the CLP install because I 
didn't already have a tcl interpreter on disk,
    and I have a non-empty lib_tcl dir in my CLP install dir, so I'm not 
sure what this warning is about.
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