Re: [eclipse-users] Installing on windows without admin rights

From: Marcos Aurélio <maurelio1234_at_...6...>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 16:32:00 -0300
2007/8/30, Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>:
> Hi Marcos,
> What sort of user are you? On XP, you can be a `standard' or
> `restricted' user, both of these don't have admin rights, but the
> `restricted'; user cannot install programs (I assume this means writing
> to 'Program Files' directory). I assume the `standard' user can create
> registry entries?

I really don't know what sort of user I am. I'm a user at the university's
laboratory, I can write on the temp directory and on the directories under
my "documents and settings"

What are the errors you get?

D:\ECLiPSe 5.10>lib\i386_nt\eclipse.exe
No such file or directory in pcompile('//C/Eclipse/lib/', 2,

I saw somewhere that it tries to look at the registry and if it fails it
tries the "C:\Eclipse"... I assume that this is what is happenning here...

I don't have access to a Windows machine where I cannot install ECLiPSe,
> so I can't check the following directly, but if you have the ECLiPSe
> files installed, but are only having problems with the registry entries,
> I think you should be able to at least run the `DOS' ECLiPSe, i.e. the
> traditional textual/tty version of ECLiPSe. You can run this by
> executing the eclipse.exe file in <ECLiPSe>\lib\i386_nt where <ECLiPSe>
> is the top-level directory for your ECLiPSe.
> To run TkECLiPSe, the GUI version,  you need to run the Tk wish
> executable, supplying it with the tkeclipse.tcl script. You may also
> need to edit this script so that it does not look in the registry entry.
> The tkeclipse.tcl file is in <ECLiPSe>/lib_tcl. It looks in the registry
> to get the information on the top-level directory of ECLiPSe in the
> following lines:
>     set tkecl(ECLIPSEDIR) [registry get \
>         HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\IC-Parc\\Eclipse\\$tkecl(version)
> If you can't set this registry entry, you should change the above to
>    set tkecl(ECLIPSEDIR) "C:\\My\\ECLiPSe\\Dir"
> where the C: ... is the path to your ECLiPSe top-level directory.

I tried to do that, but I figured out that at least 8 files at the lib_tcl
directory refer to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key... my fear is spending some
time changing things in a language that I don't know and after that noticing
that the "core eclipse" still looks for the registry key :S


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