Re: [eclipse-users] Installing on windows without admin rights

From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 21:13:45 +0100
Marcos Aurélio wrote:
> 2007/8/30, Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5... <mailto:kisshen@...5...>>:
>     Hi Marcos,
>     What sort of user are you? On XP, you can be a `standard' or
>     `restricted' user, both of these don't have admin rights, but the
>     `restricted'; user cannot install programs (I assume this means writing
>     to 'Program Files' directory). I assume the `standard' user can create
>     registry entries?
> I really don't know what sort of user I am. I'm a user at the 
> university's laboratory, I can write on the temp directory and on the 
> directories under my "documents and settings"

I can check what sort of user I am from the start menu:

start->control panel->User accounts

and then selecting my user name and clicking on the properties button.

However it sounds like you are a restricted user. I suspect this is the 
only type of user who can't modify the registry entries, and the 
description given for this type of user is that they are not allowed to 
install programs....

If you are using ECLiPSe as part of your University work, it may be 
simplest to ask someone who has admin rights to install ECLiPSe for you. 
Once this is done, other users who share the computer with you should 
also be able to use ECLiPSe.

>     What are the errors you get?
> D:\ECLiPSe 5.10>lib\i386_nt\eclipse.exe
> No such file or directory in pcompile('//C/Eclipse/lib/', 2, 
> sepia_kernel)

I think you can specify the ECLiPSe directory with the -D option when 
you run the eclipse.exe, i.e. something like

...\eclipse.exe -D "D:\ECLiPSe 5.10"

this should override the defaults that you see above.

> I saw somewhere that it tries to look at the registry and if it fails it 
> tries the "C:\Eclipse"... I assume that this is what is happenning here...
>     I don't have access to a Windows machine where I cannot install ECLiPSe,
>     so I can't check the following directly, but if you have the ECLiPSe
>     files installed, but are only having problems with the registry
>     entries,
>     I think you should be able to at least run the `DOS' ECLiPSe, i.e. the
>     traditional textual/tty version of ECLiPSe. You can run this by
>     executing the eclipse.exe file in <ECLiPSe>\lib\i386_nt where <ECLiPSe>
>     is the top-level directory for your ECLiPSe.
>     To run TkECLiPSe, the GUI version,  you need to run the Tk wish
>     executable, supplying it with the tkeclipse.tcl script. You may also
>     need to edit this script so that it does not look in the registry
>     entry.
>     The tkeclipse.tcl file is in <ECLiPSe>/lib_tcl. It looks in the registry
>     to get the information on the top-level directory of ECLiPSe in the
>     following lines:
>         set tkecl(ECLIPSEDIR) [registry get \
>             HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\IC-Parc\\Eclipse\\$tkecl(version)
>     If you can't set this registry entry, you should change the above to
>        set tkecl(ECLIPSEDIR) "C:\\My\\ECLiPSe\\Dir"
>     where the C: ... is the path to your ECLiPSe top-level directory.
> I tried to do that, but I figured out that at least 8 files at the 
> lib_tcl directory refer to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key... my fear is 
> spending some time changing things in a language that I don't know and 
> after that noticing that the "core eclipse" still looks for the registry 
> key :S
You should not need to change the other files, as they are not involved 
in starting ECLiPSe. In addition, I think the ECLIPSEDIR for the `core' 
ECLiPSe, as you called it, is given by the Tcl variable which is what 
you are changing above.



> Thanks,
> maas
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