Re: [eclipse-users] Installing on windows without admin rights

From: Kish Shen <kisshen_at_...5...>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 20:18:57 +0100
Hi Marcos,

What sort of user are you? On XP, you can be a `standard' or 
`restricted' user, both of these don't have admin rights, but the 
`restricted'; user cannot install programs (I assume this means writing 
to 'Program Files' directory). I assume the `standard' user can create 
registry entries?

What are the errors you get?

I don't have access to a Windows machine where I cannot install ECLiPSe, 
so I can't check the following directly, but if you have the ECLiPSe 
files installed, but are only having problems with the registry entries, 
I think you should be able to at least run the `DOS' ECLiPSe, i.e. the 
traditional textual/tty version of ECLiPSe. You can run this by 
executing the eclipse.exe file in <ECLiPSe>\lib\i386_nt where <ECLiPSe> 
is the top-level directory for your ECLiPSe.

To run TkECLiPSe, the GUI version,  you need to run the Tk wish 
executable, supplying it with the tkeclipse.tcl script. You may also 
need to edit this script so that it does not look in the registry entry.

The tkeclipse.tcl file is in <ECLiPSe>/lib_tcl. It looks in the registry 
to get the information on the top-level directory of ECLiPSe in the 
following lines:

    set tkecl(ECLIPSEDIR) [registry get \

If you can't set this registry entry, you should change the above to

   set tkecl(ECLIPSEDIR) "C:\\My\\ECLiPSe\\Dir"

where the C: ... is the path to your ECLiPSe top-level directory.

If you are using a recent download (within the last two months or so) of 
ECLiPSe 5.10, then it is bundled with a non-standalone tcl/tk 8.5. 
Previousy the ECLiPSe installer will try to install TclTk 8.3, which I 
assume will also fail for you. Anyway, assuming you have this 
non-standalone tcltk, the wish executable is :


You *may* be able to run the tkeclipse.tcl script by simply dragging its 
icon and dropping this onto the wish85.exe icon  If not, then you need 
some sort of shell window, e.g. the `command prompt' window,
and run the tkeclipse.tcl script by a command. I just tried the 
following from a Command Prompt window on a XP machine:

1. change the directory to <ECLiPSe>\lib_tcl directory
2. run tkeclipse with the following command:

..\tcltk\i386_nt\bin\wish85.exe tkeclipse.tcl

and I was able to successfully start TkECLiPSe.

Hope this helps, but if not, please send more information about any 
messages you get etc. while trying to run ECLiPSe.



Marcos Aurélio wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to install and use the windows version of Eclipse Prolog 
> but it seems it just doesn't work on machines where I don't have admin 
> rights. I figured out that I just seems to need a couple of registry 
> keys to store some 'secondary informations'. Is there any way to rule 
> out these restrictions?
> Thanks in advance,
> maas
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