ECLiPSe Code Samples


This is a still somewhat random collection of ECLiPSe code and examples:

Simple Problems To Get Started

Subset-sum Problem
A small program to solve the problem from this xkcd cartoon:
Two versions of the famous SEND+MORE=MONEY puzzle, and a more general solver for this kind of puzzle.
Magic Hexagon
Another puzzle with numbers and how to avoid symmetric solutions.
Magic Sequences
Construct magic sequences.
Magic Squares
Construct magic squares.
Golomb rulers
Construction of optimal Golomb rulers.
Lewis Carrol's classical zebra puzzle.
Reconstructing a pattern from sampling data.
The unavoidable N-queens problem, and a more scalable version with different search strategies.
Reasoning about the truth of statements.
Popular Japanese Puzzle. (standard model, unusual model)
Binary sudoku
Only zeros and ones, as described here
Steiner triplets
A problems with sets.
N-Fractions Puzzle
The n-fractions puzzle, problem 41 in CSPLib.
Crack the Code
Mastermind-style problem, set as Challenge Sep-2019 by the Decision Management Community.

Puzzle Collections

Integer Programming Puzzles
Martin Chlond's collections of puzzles, good for learning.
Solution to Enigmas from New Scientist magazine, mixed difficulties.
Doug Edmunds' CLP Puzzles page
Collection of zebra-style puzzles.

Harder Puzzles

Sandwich Sudoku
The "Sandwich Sudoku" puzzle, featured in The Guardian, May 2019.
Solitaire Battleships
The Solitaire Battleships puzzle (1), also problem 114 in CSPLib.
Another tiling puzzle, also known as divide-by-box (1, 2).
Domino tiling problem
An interesting modelling exercise.
Solving Nonograms ( 1, 3, 5, 6). Short solution using gfd (Gecode solver interface), and alternative solution using lib(ic) with a regular expression constraint based on lib(propia).
Crowded chessboard
Place 51 pieces on a chessboard (results)
Non-dominating Queens
Using a boolean matrix model, and a version with symmetry breaking.
Square-Sum Chains
Construct integer sequences where a certain condition must hold between consecutive numbers.

Planning and Scheduling

Bin Packing
Solving bin-packing problems using a global constraint.
Knapsack Problem
Different solutions to several variants of the knapsack problem.
Assignment with Slots and Capacities
We give four solutions: a linear programming solution, a finite-domain solution using the same model, a hybrid solution using both, and a finite-domain solution with a different model.
Jobshop Scheduling
Using propagation and heuristics to solve the Jobshop Scheduling Problem.
Warehouse location
The warehouse location problem from van Hentenryck's book.
Transport, generic version using arrays
A small transportation problem, solved with lib(eplex).
The bridge scheduling problem from van Hentenryck's book.
Square tiling
Covering a square with smaller squares of different sizes.
Scheduling players for a golf tournament (uses sets).
Computing a staff roster (problem statement).
Small airline crew scheduling example.

Other Collections

ECLiPSe models at CSPLib
CSPLib is a library of test problems for constraint solvers.
Various ECLiPSe models
ECLiPSe page maintained by Hakan Kjellerstrand.
ECLiPSe at Stackoverflow
ECLiPSe-related answers at Stackoverflow.

Programming Tricks and Techniques

Sudoku with tracing
How to use data-driven facilities to trace progress during search.

Running these examples

If you have a recent version of ECLiPSe, you can compile the examples directly from this web site as follows:
?- http_client:http_compile("").