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From: Kish Shen <>
Date: Mon 07 Nov 2005 02:07:41 PM GMT
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Hi Tallys,

>I'm migrating from lib(fd) to lib(ic).
>I need to convert a call like "suspend(_, _, X->fd:any, _)"
>My guess is that "fd:any" would be replaced
>with the union of "ic:min", "ic:max" and "ic:hole". Is that right?


>If so, how do I specify more than one list after the "->" symbol?

You don't specify this after the "->" symbol. Instead, the third argument
of suspend/3,4 can be a list of conditions, instead of just one condition.
For example, in the `Advanced Control Features' chapter of the User manual,
there is this example:

            suspend(report_ic(X), 1, [X->ic:min,X->ic:max,X->ic:hole])

which suspends on exactly the suspension lists you want.

>I couldn't find that in the manuals.

It is not always easy to find the information you need, but in general, if
you have questions about library/built-in predicates, it is a good idea to
check up the reference manual documentation for the predicate, which you
can access from within ECLiPSe with help/1, for example, help suspend/4.
will give you:

suspend(+Goal, +Prio, +CondList, -Susp)
   +CondList           A term of the form Vars->Cond or trigger(Atom) or a
                       list of such terms.


also, the `Advanced Control Features' chapter describes how to use the
suspend/wake features of ECLiPSe. 


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