Re: LP/MIP solver interface lib(eplex)

From: Kish Shen <>
Date: Mon 07 Nov 2005 12:04:17 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
Hi Mauro,

>1) Xpress-IVE Version 1.16.00
>   Xpress Mosel Version 1.6.0
>   Xpress Optimizer Version 16.01.01

ECLiPSe uses its own copy of Xpress, because we need to link the eplex code
to the Xpress dynamic library. Each version of ECLiPSe only supports the
versions of Xpress/CPLEX that we compile for it. What versions of Xpress
you have is not used by ECLiPSe, and so is not of importance, except that
there must be a valid license for the Xpress you are loading in.

About the versions of Xpress supported:
1. ECLiPSe 5.5 is quite old and only support Xpress versions up to 14. 
2. In the current release of ECLiPSe (5.8), we support Xpress 15, but not
   Xpress 16 yet. I have built Xpress 16, but unfortunately it has a
   problem, which DASH has apparently fixed, but have not yet release the
   fix for it. I hope to release Xpress 16 with eplex as soon as I get this
3. However, as I said previously, we don't support the `student version'
   of Xpress 16, because you need a special version of Xpress (the student
   version), which we don't have.

>Until now I think that I used the OEM version but now it doesn't work anymore; 
>in fact the error shows "1326icp", right? I have ECLiPSe 5.8 too, but I never 
>use it because I know that it isn't support from OEM version.
>What happen? The OEM version isn't support anymore by ECLiPSe 5.5 too....

The OEM version of Xpress (which we attach `icp' to, to distinguish it from
the non-OEM versions) was released with ECLiPSe under special agreement
with DASH, which was ended last year. 

We released two OEM versions of Xpress in the past, for Xpress
versions 13 and 14. Recently, the OEM license for Xpress 13 expired, and
you can no longer use version 13. ECLiPSe 5.5 supported both the 13 and 14
OEM versions.

DASH operates an Academic Partnership Programme, which will allow
Universities to obtain 10 copies of Xpress without charge. If you can get
your Department to join this programme, then you can access to Xpress with
a normal licnese -- however, if you join now, I suspect they will only
supply you with Xpress 16, which unfortunately we do not yet support.


Kish Shen
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