formula tree, how to represent and manipulate

From: Ulrich Scholz <>
Date: Mon 11 Apr 2005 09:49:45 AM GMT
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Dear all,

I have the problem to represent and manipulate formulas of some first-order
language.  The manipulations include the anotation of nodes with further
information and the removal of nodes (simplifications).  

Which data structure would you suggest for this task?  How would you perform
the updates?

For me, this pretty much looks like a task for some imperative language but
I'm sure there is a good way to do it in (ECLiPSe) Prolog.  Nevertheless, my
current best idea is to use structure notation for nodes and setarg/3 to
perform the updates.  

Thank you, Uli

Ulrich Scholz

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European Media Laboratory GmbH
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