Re: ECLiPSe fatal error: Out of swap space in heap allocation

From: Andrew Cheadle <>
Date: Mon 24 Jan 2005 09:42:38 AM GMT
Message-ID: <>
Hi Cornelius

Are you running with an 'EmbeddedEclipse' or an 'OutOfProcessEclipse'?

How much memory does your machine have, how much swap space is configured,
what operating system are you running on, if a unix, can you determine how
much memory the ECLiPSe engine is using (say with 'top')?

Finally have you configured an EclipseEngineOptions object to ensure that 
the ECliPSe stacks have sufficient limits (see embedding and interfacing
manual - 'Configuring an EclipseEngineOptions object')?



On Mon, Jan 24, 2005 at 08:17:41AM +0100, Cornelius Hagen wrote:
> Hello,
> while running a program described in
> the following error message occurs:
> "ECLiPSe fatal error: Out of swap space in heap allocation" occurrs and the
> program stops immediately with 
> This happens in the following cases, too,
> *  if I use the following program arguments in order to guarantee the java
> virtual mashine enough space. But when the program terminates the java
> mashine used about 80MB, not 800. 
> -Xms800m  -Xmx800m -enableassertions
>"c:\programme\ECLiPSe 5.7"
> * if I compile my code with either JDK 1.42 or 1.5.
> * the same result occurs on a different computer
> The eclipse documentation (embedding manual) says that "Normally these
> (heaps) are ignored as the heaps grow as required.)  So I do not see much
> sense in changing heap settings.
> Can somebody help? Tanks in advance 
> Cornelius
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