ECLiPSe fatal error: Out of swap space in heap allocation

From: Cornelius Hagen <>
Date: Mon 24 Jan 2005 07:17:41 AM GMT
Message-ID: <000c01c501e4$cab332c0$35020d8d@chagen2>

while running a program described in

the following error message occurs:
"ECLiPSe fatal error: Out of swap space in heap allocation" occurrs and the
program stops immediately with 

This happens in the following cases, too,
*  if I use the following program arguments in order to guarantee the java
virtual mashine enough space. But when the program terminates the java
mashine used about 80MB, not 800. 
-Xms800m  -Xmx800m -enableassertions"c:\programme\ECLiPSe 5.7"
* if I compile my code with either JDK 1.42 or 1.5.
* the same result occurs on a different computer

The eclipse documentation (embedding manual) says that "Normally these
(heaps) are ignored as the heaps grow as required.)  So I do not see much
sense in changing heap settings.

Can somebody help? Tanks in advance 

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