Logtalk 2.15.6 is now available for downloading

From: Paulo Moura <pmoura_at_di.ubi.pt>
Date: Mon 09 Feb 2004 03:02:15 PM GMT
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Logtalk 2.15.6 is now available for downloading from the Logtalk web 


This release provides significant improvements for the syntax coloring 
configuration files for all supported text editors, including new 
support for the KDE Kate and Kwrite editors. In addition, there is a 
new compiler option related to the automatic generation of XML 
documenting files, new support for the MacOS X Xcode IDE, and two small 
bug fixes.

 From the release notes:

* Added "xmlspec" compiler option in order to specify the extension 
(dtd or xsd) of the file describing the XML documenting files 

* Renamed compiler option "named_anonymous_vars" to the more 
appropriated name "underscore_vars". Changed possible option values to 
"dont_care" and "singletons" (default).

* Added XSLT file for converting XML documenting files to XHTML 1.0 
Strict files. Set the default encoding of all XSLT files to UTF-8.

* Added syntax coloring support for the KDE Kate and Kwrite text 

* Improved syntax coloring configuration files for VIM, jEdit, NEdit, 
SubEthaEdit, and Emacs text editors.

* Removed outdated support for MacOS X Project Builder and added 
support for the new MacOS X Xcode developer tool.

* Corrected bug in the built-in predicate current_logtalk_flag/2 that 
prevented some flag values from being returned after using the built-in 
predicate set_logtalk_flag/2.

* Corrected bug in the shapes example (wrong placement of the 
declaration of the predicate side/1).

The CVS tag for this release is "lgt2156".

Happy logtalking!


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