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From: Kourosh Khoshelham <kourosh.k_at_polyu.edu.hk>
Date: Mon 14 Jul 2003 09:40:17 AM GMT
Message-ID: <JDEPJBGEIIPHAALKOHLPAEKJCBAA.kourosh.k@polyu.edu.hk>
Hello list,
i have a program which works fine but it looks odd since i have to enter a
very long query in query entry box (in windows based eclipse). how can i put
the query inside the file and get its results in the interface? it comes
like this:

?- oLine(L1,C1,P1), visible(L1),
	oLine(L2,C2,_), visible(L2), not member(L2,[L1]), member(L2,C1),
	oLine(L3,C3,_), visible(L3), not member(L3,[L1,L2]), member(L3,C1), not
	oLine(L4,_,P4), visible(L4), not member(L4,[L1,L2,L3]), member(L4,P1),
member(L4,C3), not member(L4,C2),
	oLine(L5,_,_), visible(L5), not member(L5,[L1,L2,L3,L4]), member(L5,P1),

any idea?
thanks, kourosh.
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