From: Daniel Dudley <daniel.dudley_at_chello.no>
Date: Wed 19 Feb 2003 07:55:19 AM GMT
Message-ID: <000701c2d7ec$3f6ce4f0$85d1b33e@dld2000>
One might expect Eclipse to apply an element of
optimization when computing simple arithmetical terms such
as A^N, i.e. X to the power of N. The optimization in this
case would be to use a fast exponentiation routine.  End-
users of Eclipse need not write and apply such a routine

The situation with more complex terms is somewhat unclear.
Might one expect Eclipse to recognize that A^N mod M can
also be highly optimized? Probably not, although I would
suggest that it could be if, for example, it were to be
enclosed in parenthesis. Of course, once one goes down that
road, where does one draw the line?

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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