RE: Problem with repeatedly compiling files with partly the same content and EmbeddedEclipse

From: josh singer <>
Date: Thu 30 Jan 2003 11:50:24 AM GMT
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Hi Cornelius, 
Due to some inherent limitations of ECLiPSe there can only be one
EmbeddedEclipse during the lifetime of a JVM. However, most individual
aspects of state in ECLiPSe can be reversed, for example using erase_module
as Warwick mentioned. There is also the possibility of using
OutOfProcessEclipse -- the pros and cons are discussed in the Java interface
documentation. This allows you to start a completely new ECLiPSe from Java,
whether or not one has been started already by the JVM.

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Subject: WG: [eclipse-users] Problem with repeatedly compiling files with
partly the same content and EmbeddedEclipse

Sorry, the exception was due to another problem (from name for queue).
But I am still interested in resetting the EmbeddedEclipse-object.
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Betreff: [eclipse-users] Problem with repeatedly compiling files with partly
the same content and EmbeddedEclipse

I am writing a Java-application that iteratively poses requests on eclipse.
Because I need good performance, I use an EmbeddedEclipse-object following
the mapcolorour-example. I always create a file which usually contains some
predicates as the file(s) before (and, of course, some different ones). Then
I hand over the file to the rpc function.
Eclipse sends warnings, that some relations habe been replaced by new ones
with the same signature, and after a few iterations,  I get a
"Throw"-Exception thrown by the rpc method.
Now my question: Can I somehow reset the EmbeddedEclipse-object? According
to the documentation destroying (in order to instanitate it again) will not
help, since then no more EmbeddedEclipse-object can be instantiated.
Thanks in advance
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