Re: Warning

From: Kish Shen <>
Date: Wed 18 Dec 2002 01:38:13 PM GMT
Message-Id: <>

>eclipse library and the provided xpress solver. Everything seems to work ok
>except in the end of the program I receive several warnings like:
>?140 Warning: Basis lost - recovering

Almost certainly, you can safely ignore this warning.

I assume you are solving your eplex instance problem repeatedly? If so,
this is why you get these messages: XPRESS prints the warning *whenever*
its problem matrix is changed between solvings and the existing basis
from the last solve becomes invalid (adding any columns/rows would do this,
which happens if you add constraints to your eplex problem). 

You can redirect these warnings so that you don't see them:

:- lp_set(warning_channel, -warning_output).

in this case you don't see any warnings at all, but you can also redirect
the warning_channel messages to another i/o stream.

Before the last release, I briefly looked at if these specific warning
messages can be supressed, but it didn't seem easy to do...


Kish Shen
Received on Wed Dec 18 12:37:47 2002

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