Re: line numbers in error messages

From: Thorsten Winterer <>
Date: Mon 16 Dec 2002 04:59:23 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
Hallo Ulrich,

Ulrich Scholz wrote:

> would be improved by a line number, too, maybe the line number of the head of
> the clause: In emacs, it is much easier to jump to a line number than to the
> n-th clause.

I can't help you with the line numbers, but I added a function to the
emacs mode that allows jumping directly to the n-th clause of the
predicate. This should make life a little easier.

> emacs.el has a bug, too: Sometimes, the command eclipse-comment-region
> comments more than the region between the mark and the current point.  If this
> happens at the end of a file, this problem can even freeze emacs - it tries to
> comment out an unlimited number of lines.  In general, it would be better to
> comment a marked region instead of commenting up to the point.  An example is
> the comment command of auctex.

The looping occurred when the end of the region (marked or not) was also
the end of the buffer and at the end of a non-empty line. This bug is
fixed. You can find the updated eclipse.el at


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