Re: Q: Sets

From: Marc van Dongen <>
Date: Tue 17 Sep 2002 02:25:45 PM GMT
Message-ID: <>
Warwick Harvey ( wrote:

: Hi Marc,

Howsagoin Warwick,
: If you're using the fd_sets library (the integer sets library using the FD
: library for integer variables such as cardinalities) or the ic_sets library
: (uses the IC library for integer variables such as cardinalities, but is
: otherwise identical to fd_sets), you can use the membership_booleans/2
: predicate to obtain booleans corresponding to the elements of each set, and
: then unify the corresponding ones to enforce the desired relationship.

Thanks. I'll try that. I'll let you know how I got on.


Better use fd_sets since I'm only having integer sets.

Thanks again.


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